Paul Mooney

Town Council
Title: At-Large Council Member
Phone: (540) 272-5329
Paul Mooney

Expiration of term: December 31, 2026

Councilman Paul Mooney is a husband and father of four, a local small business owner, and a Marine Corps reservist.  

Paul is passionate about his community and wants to ensure it stays a place where families, individuals, and democracy can thrive.  

A heart for service is something Paul grew up with and his large extended family is oriented toward: Paul’s father, two of his brothers and five of his brothers-in-law have served or are serving in the U.S. military, with one brother-in-law serving in local law enforcement.  

As a well-traveled college student and Marine (29 countries), an older sibling in a large family, and a multi-business owner, Paul has seen many different cultures and personalities and looks to use this experience as a council member to bring all people together.  

Paul is a fiscal conservative and believes in a representative government that is transparent and works for the best interest and will of the people.  

It is the distinct honor and privilege of him and his wife, Kelly – who was raised in Warrenton, Virginia – to serve the residents of this wonderful town and community.  


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