Snow Removal Operations

Emergency Routes

The Streets listed below are Snow Emergency Routes.

  • Alexandria Pike
  • Blackwell Road
  • Bear Willow Road
  • Broadview Avenue
  • Culpeper Street
  • East and West Shirley Avenue
  • Falmouth Street
  • Frost Avenue (Route 211)
  • Lee Highway
  • Lee Street
  • Main Street
  • Waterloo Road
  • Waterloo Street
  • Winchester Street

Please note it is unlawful to park a vehicle on any of these streets during snow events. Vehicles that are stalled, stuck, parked, or abandoned on any of these streets during a snow event may be removed by the Police Department at the owner's expense. 

During snowstorms, when Town trucks are out spreading or plowing, they will start with the arterial roads first (main roads). Once they feel they have the main roads under control they will start spreading and plowing the secondary roads (side streets). During major storms that require plowing, the snow is pushed to the right side, toward the curb or road edge. 

Snow Emergency Routes


During snowstorms, if you have on-street parking please make every effort to park vehicles off the road. This will make it easier for the trucks to plow, and in turn, keep vehicles from being plowed in. Your cooperation in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

As a community, we need to come together and shovel our snow. Providing clear, safe pedestrian routes ensures access to jobs, schools, and services in our walkable community. The snow removal ordinance helps ensure safe access for pedestrians and to make all transportation modes available as soon as possible after a snow storm.

It shall be the duty of the occupant of any house and lot which abuts upon a paved sidewalk or a footway of stone, brick, or wood to have all snow removed from such sidewalk or footway within six (6) hours after the same shall have ceased falling unless such snow shall have fallen during the night or on a Sunday, in which case it shall be removed by 12:00 noon of the day following. Refer to the code Sec. 14-5. - Disposition of snow, ice, etc. for details.

Call the Public Works Department with any questions at (540) 347-1858.