Submit a Public Comment

Citizens desiring to submit written comments or requests to Town Council or any Town legislative board may do so at any time. Work session agendas do not include public comments. Public comments are welcome for to-be-scheduled public hearings only.

Citizen Comments:   Individuals may address the Council on any matter not listed on the agenda as a public hearing. This is your time to address your Council and share what’s important to you. Each speaker has up to three minutes to address Council. When called to the podium, speakers should state their name and address for the record. Copies of written statements and supporting materials should be given to the Town Clerk for the record. The Mayor will establish the order of speakers and will maintain decorum. Citizen’s Comment is not designed as a question-and-answer session or a debate.

Public Hearings:  Formal proceedings held to hear from the public on a specific topic. All public hearings are advertised prior to the scheduled hearings, and the notices indicate where citizens can obtain information pertinent to matters scheduled for public hearings. Applicants, or representatives of the applicant, will be allowed to introduce information regarding the matter advertised for public hearing. Public hearings are intended to enable citizens to influence the public decision process based on prior research and discussions with appropriate public officials and to address only those issues pertinent to the matters advertised for public hearings. Public hearings are not question-and-answer sessions or debates, and all statements should be addressed to the Town Council.  Priority will be given to Town Of Warrenton Residents. Members of an organization will have five minutes to address the Council on the Topic.

Public Comment Procedures

As with our traditional meetings, public comment will be at each Town Council and Planning Commission Public Hearing. The public is encouraged to participate in public hearings in person or in writing.

Work sessions are also open to the public. However, work session agendas do not include public comments. Public comments are welcome in to-be-scheduled public hearings only.

Documentation of Public Comments at Meetings

Public comments will be heard, read, or summarized during the meeting. All comments will be included in the meeting minutes, which serve as the official record and will specify the commenter’s name, address, and by which method the comment was received.

How to Make a Public Comment

There are several ways you can comment at our meetings:

  • Mail or drop off your comments to:
    Town Hall
    21 Main Street
    Warrenton, VA 20186
  • Attend a Meeting in person and speak from the podium.
  • Email us your comment by noon on the day of the meeting. Email comments received by this deadline will be read or summarized at the meeting and attached to the official record after the meeting.
  • Fill out the online Public Comment Form.