Discolored Water

Usually, problems with discolored water are caused by some sort of disturbance in the water distribution system, either in the home or in the street water main.

Generally Harmless

Discolored water is safe to drink, but is objectionable because it discolors laundry and affects the flavor of some beverages (such as tea and coffee).

Rusty Color

If you experience rusty or discolored water, try to avoid using any water until the water emergency has been resolved. That way you limit the amount of sediment you pull inside your plumbing system. Postpone doing laundry until after the problem clears up. Once water service has been restored, slowly open the cold water taps in your home for a few minutes until all of the sediment and air has been removed.

If you have already done laundry and it is stained, do not dry it. The water superintendent has available a product that may remove the stains.

When you experience rusty water, please contact the Public Works / Utilities Department at (540) 347-1858. Have the following information ready when you call:

  • When did you first notice the problem (time of day)?
  • Is the problem with both the hot and cold water?
  • Are you aware if any of your neighbors are experiencing the same problem?
  • Are you aware of any construction or emergency repair work occurring in your area?