Water/Sewer Advice

Do you have questions concerning water pressure, discolored water, or unusually high water bills? Find answers to frequently asked questions related to water and sewer situations by selecting a link from the side menu.

Concerns About Your Sewer Service?

  • Sewer backup - contact Public Utilities at (540) 347-1858
  • Septic odors - contact Public Utilities at (540) 347-1858
  • Unusually high sewer: Sewer is charged at a higher rate than water, so as your usage increases, your sewer charges increase. Water and sewer usage is based on the same reading of your meter. For questions about high usage, contact Utility Billing at (540) 347-2678

For any concerns not referenced on this page, please contact the Town at (540) 347-2678.
For after-hours emergencies, call (540) 347-1100.