Eva Walker Park Master Plan

We thank everyone who participated in our community workshops and online surveys.

Town Council Adoption

The Eva Walker Park Master Plan was adopted on February 9, 2021. View the Eva Walker Park Master Plan (PDF).


The Town of Warrenton developed a Master Plan for Eva Walker Park. This plan determines the types of improvements desired for the park over the next several years. As part of this, the Town will commemorate Eva Walker and her achievements in a garden as part of the park design. Rhodeside and Harwell, Incorporated led the project with an Advisory Committee and Town staff.

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Advisory Committee

The Eva Walker Park Advisory Committee was made up of key stakeholders and Town staff to help guide the document. Meeting presentations may be found on the links below:

Public Outreach

  • September 26, 2020 Community Workshop
  • November 12, 2020 Community Workshop
  • Online surveys following each workshop.


This project is made possible through Town funding in conjunction with multiple partners. The PATH Foundation provided a $22,000 grant to help develop the master plan. The Eva Walker commemorative garden is possible through a Community Challenge grant provided by AARP and the in-kind services of Plan+Place.

Eva WalkerAbout Eva Walker

You know the park. You enjoy the location. But do you know who Eva Walker was? Or that her family is still active in the community?

A commemorative garden with interpretive panels will be installed at the park to ensure we all appreciate Eva Walker’s contributions for generations to come through an AARP grant. To learn more about Eva Walker, check out the Piedmont Lifestyle magazine article for details!