Historic District

What is the Warrenton Historic District?

In 1982 the Town of Warrenton designated a Historic District as defined in the Code of Virginia. The intent of this designation is to protect against the deterioration, destruction and/or encroachment on the Historic area and its structures. 

The Historic District designation encourages the continuance of conservation improvements and preserves the irreplaceable architectural heritage of Warrenton for the benefit of present and future generations.

Although the aesthetic value of the Historic District cannot be precisely measured in dollars and cents, the compilation of Warrenton's historic buildings, nevertheless, is a positive economic asset. The creation and maintenance of standards in the Historic District not only encourages awareness and interest in the history of Warrenton and its unique architectural resources, it also contributes significantly to tourism and thus the overall economy of the Town.

Buildings & Architecture

The Warrenton Historic District is characterized by a variety of building types and styles representing the Town's importance as the county seat. The focus of the Historic District is the central business district and its five surrounding residential neighborhoods. Within these boundaries are the Fauquier County Courthouse, the County and Town government buildings, an example of an early jail, churches, and many other architecturally significant buildings. Also included are the homes of a former Virginia Governor, and three prominent figures from the Civil War era.

View a Map of the Warrenton Historic District (PDF).

The Historic District Guidelines

Town Council adopted changes to the Guidelines for metal roof materials on January 14, 2014. Pre-finished and pre-painted metal roof materials are allowed with specific criteria. 

View the Metal Roof Materials Amendment to the Historic District Guidelines (PDF).

Warrenton Historic District Design Guidelines

The Guidelines have been updated to include the amendment. View the Historic District Design Guidelines (PDF).

How do I Apply for a Certificate of Appropriateness?

Download the Application for the Certificate of Appropriateness (PDF) or access copies in the Department of Community Development located in the lower level of Town Hall at 21 Main Street in Old Town Warrenton. Upon request, applications can be mailed, or faxed by calling (540) 347-2405.

Applications will be reviewed by Town staff or the Architectural Review Board (ARB) depending on the scope of work. If reviewed by the ARB, applicants must attend the ARB meeting to answer any questions about their project. Click the links below for more information on the review process or the ARB.

More information regarding the COA and review process (PDF).

More information regarding the Architectural Review Board. 


The application deadline is the first of the month or the business day immediately following. Please contact staff at (540) 347-2405 or email the Planning and Historic District with questions.

View the Architectural Review Board Application (PDF).

Architectural Review Board Administrative Review Criteria for Signs

Please note the new ARB Administrative Review Criteria for signs.  Signs meeting all of the criteria may be reviewed and approved administratively by staff. 

View the Architectural Review Board Administrative Review Criteria for Signs (DOC).

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