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Fall Leaf Collection Schedule

Public Works and Utilities

Public Works and Utilities

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The FIRST LEAF COLLECTION is scheduled for November 4, 2019 and runs for two (2) weeks through November 15, 2019. All property owners are requested to rake leaves to the street line prior to 8:00 AM on their first scheduled pick-up day. Do not rake leaves in ditch lines or gutters to prevent clogging. Locate leaves so that vehicles are not blocking them. Do not put brush, limbs, rocks or other debris with the leaves and do not rake leaves out more than one week early. To find out what day we will be in your area, see the schedule below and refer to the Special Collection Map or you can contact Public Works at 347-1858. There will be a SECOND LEAF COLLECTION December 2, 2019 thru December 13, 2019. After completion of the second collection, there will be limited collection up through January 4, 2020, after which time any remaining leaves will have to be bagged and set out with household refuse. NO LEAF COLLECTION AFTER JANUARY 4, 2020.

FIRST LEAF SCHEDULE (see location map)

AREA     A     November 4 & 5
AREA     B     November 6 & 7
AREA     C     November 8 (Monday Nov. 11 - Veteran's Day Holiday)
AREA     D     November 12 & 13
AREA     E     November 14 & 15

The SECOND LEAF COLLECTION is scheduled for December 2 – December 13, 2019.


AREA     A     December 2 & 3
AREA     B     December 4 & 5
AREA     C     December 6 & 9
AREA     D     December 10 & 11
AREA     E     December 13 & 14

Click here for a location map showing your street.

Click here for a list of streets.