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Vehicle Decals



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PLEASE NOTE:  The Town Council has eliminated the decal requirement starting in 2017.  Current decals are good through March 15, 2017.  You will not need to purchase another decal after that date.  In lieu of the decal, a vehicle license fee will be added to your Town personal property tax bill (due December 15th of each year).

You may purchase your decal using the Town's secure online payment system, provided that the vehicle for which you wish to purchase a decal is already in the Town's database.  If you have purchased a new vehicle, we will need a copy of the registration showing your Town of Warrenton address.  Please call (540) 347-1102 or email finance@warrentonva.gov with any questions.

All decal renewal applications are mailed as part of your annual Declaration of Tangible Personal Property Tax return (mailed out each February by the Fauquier County Commissioner of the Revenue). Remember, if you purchase your decal on-line, you still must sign and mail your Declaration of Tangible Personal Property Tax by March 15.

Guidelines for Town Decals

1. Decals are due by March 15th of each year. Effective July 1, 2003, the cost is $15 for cars/trucks and $10 for motorcycles. Transfer fees are $1.00.  To be eligible for the transfer fee rate, you must either 1) produce the remnants of the original decal from the vehicle that was sold, traded-in or disposed of, or 2) sign an affidavit certifying that the original decal was removed from the vehicle that was sold, traded-in or disposed of, and destroyed.  

2. Decal fees for senior citizens (Warrenton citizens sixty-five (65) years or older) are $7.50 for one vehicle decal per year per individual. Citizens 65 or older eligible to purchase a decal at the reduced rate are required to provide proof of age at the time the decal is issued. If you purchase your decal by mail or on-line, you must mail or fax proof of age. If you need assistance, please contact the Finance Department at 347-1102.

3. Town decals may not be sold  if Town or County taxes are owed. All taxes must be paid before decals are issued.

4. Town residents who are active fire and rescue volunteers for the Warrenton Volunteer Fire Company (WVFC) may receive one (1) free decal each year. Taxes must be paid before issuing a free decal each year. A list is provided by WVFC and only those names on the list may be issued a free decal.

5. Town residents who are disabled veterans and have been issued special "DV" plates may receive one free decal as long as no taxes are due. Taxes must be paid before issuing a free decal.

6. The Town is unable to honor current decals from other jurisdictions in Virginia for residents who move from another jurisdiction to the Town during a decal year due to pro-ration of personal property taxes.

7. Fauquier County does not require or issue decals for residents of Fauquier County, those living outside the corporate limits of the Town of Warrenton. 

8. Registrations for decals being transferred do not have to be exactly the same. EXAMPLE: Jane Doe transfers to Jane and Harvey Doe. 

9. Military stickers can be issued for a $1.00 fee to military personnel, not to their spouses.

10. Town residents purchasing decals for vehicles with Virginia National Guard tags are not to pay more for the decal than the resident paid for the state plates.

11. Decals reduce to one-half the original cost on September 1 and reduce to one-quarter of the original cost on December 15.

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